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Anyone can experience an urgent need for quick cash. Timers, in this case, are irreplaceable, because loan companies offer cash quickly, without unnecessary formalities and without leaving your home. The money is on our account in 15 minutes! But how to get this loan? How does the procedure for giving a payday look like? Ignorance can effectively discourage people from borrowing. This is not difficult – in the guide we will explain all the important matters to which you should pay attention, deciding to take a break without leaving your home.

We listed the cheapest and fastest poor credit loans

Taking a poor credit loan in the company’s outlet is not complicated – just go to the lender, discuss the details with the company’s employee, sign the contract and collect the money. This is a very similar way to borrowing from the bank, but of course, the difference is that a weekend does not require so much formality. The employee interviews us or we ourselves fill out the application form, providing all the required data, then these data are verified. The decision to grant a poor credit loan is made very quickly – the time usually varies between several hours and even minutes. Get Started Now… 

However, we do not always have the time and the opportunity to enter into a contract in person or simply do not feel like it – we want to receive cash quickly, without having to leave the house or accept a loan company employee. Currently, the most popular way to answer is to order it online or by phone. However, not everyone chooses it, because the loan at a distance seems suspicious, unworthy of trust. Some of us have a headache – how can we get money from someone without signing?

At present, it is possible to conclude contracts electronically, which is ensured by the Act on the provision of electronic services. According to her, we have the opportunity to conclude distance contracts, which means submitting electronic signatures or performing an appropriate action, such as accepting the regulations, sending the appropriate code, making a transfer to the indicated account. This is a great convenience especially for customers who do not have the time and opportunity to conclude the contract in person.

A very important provision in this act is that providing for the resignation of the contract – the customer has the right to withdraw from the contract within 14 days of its conclusion. It is a law in force despite different rules set in the regulations of loan companies or other providers of services at a distance. If we think about it and give up the loan, the bank is obliged to respect it. Of course, resignation from the contract also involves the return of borrowed money.

As you can see, signing a distance payoff contract is possible and as legal as possible. In this way, there are no illegal activities, you only need to become familiar with the specificity of electronic contracts and choose a trusted loan company.

IMPORTANT !! Not always refusal to grant a loan is tantamount to not meeting the requirements presented by the company. Sometimes it may happen that a loan company simply can not afford a loan for a given amount because it does not have enough cash. Such a situation is rare, especially in the case of large loan companies operating on the domestic and global market, however, it may happen to small loan companies operating locally, without large capital. If you have a negative decision, it is worth finding out what the reason for refusing was or applying for a loan in another company.

To give petty step-by-step instructions

To give petty step-by-step instructions

How exactly does it look like to give a minute without leaving home? It is not difficult, and certainly time-consuming – it takes only 15 minutes, or even less, depending on the company to complete all formalities.

In general, the loan process can be divided into several steps:

  • determining the amount and period of the loan,
  • filling out the form and accepting the rules of service provision,
  • verification of data,
  • concluding a loan agreement and launching a loan, ie collecting money,

What do we need to take out a distance loan? The most convenient way is to submit an application online, but in most cases, we can also order a payday by phone. When submitting the online application, we will most often be asked to provide a phone number, so it is worth remembering about it.

Determination of the amount and period of the loan

The first step in getting a payday is definitely about the size of the loan and its period. Most often we make the selection by entering appropriate values ​​in empty fields or by maneuvering the sliders and changing the values.

It should be remembered that the first loan will not always meet our expectations, because companies usually propose lower amounts and shorter repayment periods. The advantage of taking a loan for the first time in a given loan company is the opportunity to take advantage of all promotions and discounts – the first very short time is often provided at no additional cost, which allows you to borrow money properly for free. If we do not plan another loan in the near future, it is worth trying to choose a company that offers the best conditions for new clients.

Filling the form

Filling in the form will look the same in most cases – all required data should be provided. Most often, loan companies ask for:

  • name and surname,
  • PESEL number,
  • series and ID card number (sometimes a proof scan may be required),
  • address data,
  • Phone number,
  • e-mail address (e-mail),
  • Bank account number.

These are the basic data required in the loan application process. Sometimes, however, banks use a more complex form, enriched with information about our material status and other aspects of our lives. This is to determine the customer’s creditworthiness. Why is this data required? Some companies, in order to be able to propose more convenient contract terms, check the client more accurately – his profession, earnings, existing liabilities, etc. Some companies can also check BIG and BIK databases (more on these institutions you can read in the article “BIG and BIK – should you be afraid economic information “to determine if the client did not have trouble with repayment of debt in the past. Companies non-banking using this form, more like a bank than a company granting payday loans, however, the similarities end – further requirements are less restrictive. what kind of information additional company can ask us?

  • education,
  • marital status,
  • number of dependents,
  • housing status,
  • performed occupation and form of employment,
  • earnings,
  • information if the customer has a car,
  • information on other liabilities (number, total amount).

Another important step is getting acquainted with the terms of service provision and loan agreement. Always read the regulations! We know that they are long and for some of us not very understandable, however, ignorance always works to our detriment. It is also worth reviewing the loan agreement model because the company is required to present a design, which must be the same as the final contract – otherwise, it is considered invalid. When reading the regulations and the contract, it is worth focusing on the records that show:

  • loan costs,
  • interest rates,
  • the manner of concluding the contract,
  • consequences of non-payment of debt on time,

By concluding a distance contract, the most important point for us are the points about the conclusion of the contract. Why? Because these records inform us how a given contract becomes binding for us, in other words how such a contract is “signed” by us. Most loan companies verify the data provided by us (as discussed later in the article), which is already tantamount to the conclusion of the contract, others send the contract by e-mail, which we must sign electronically, and still, others send the contract by traditional mail. Often, in the case of online payday loans, we can meet the term of the loan broker. In this case, to conclude a loan agreement, we must agree to the intermediation of an employee who signs a contract on behalf of us. This allows to reduce the formalities to a minimum, however, it seems to be quite a risky solution. However, there is nothing to be afraid of, because such a broker can only represent us in the scope of one specific contract, there is no power, for example, to incur further loans at our expense.

Do not forget to consent to the processing of personal data and verification in BIG /BIK, because without this the loan will be impossible. (Check the ranking of payday loans that do not check BIK) Sometimes companies also ask us to agree to receive commercial information from the loan company and its partners, but this is not always necessary.

Verification of data

Data verification aims to check whether the data we provide is true. Thanks to this, companies minimize the risk of borrowing a loan to another person, additionally, borrowing money for a fictitious person becomes impossible. In addition to standard data (such as name, surname, address, ID), companies ask for the bank account number and telephone number. For what? To complete the verification. Full data verification often also means a serious approach to the offer and expressing our interest in the loan. Sometimes it also means even agreeing to the conclusion of the contract. As mentioned before – it all depends on the particular bank and their rules.

banks, to complete the verification stage, can ask us for:

  • transferring a symbolic amount from the account given in the form to the company’s account,
  • sending a code which is sent by SMS.

These methods do not have to be excluded because very often companies use both methods of verification at the same time. What is each of them about?

Making a transfer to a company’s account is the most popular way to verify your data. Loan companies use it so willingly because after receiving the transfer, the company has the option of comparing the data from the form with the transfer data, making the risk of data falsification virtually impossible. In addition, the mere fact of performing such an operation indicates the client’s serious approach to the loan and the company itself. Before making the transfer, carefully read the rules used by the company, because it may turn out that the transfer will not have any power. An example is an account in SKOK, which is usually not an acceptable bill (it must be a bank account). Another example is a company account, which is also sometimes rejected – it is safer to choose a personal account.

In addition, pay attention to bills provided by loan companies – very often they provide several accounts from different banks. Thanks to this, we can choose an account in the same bank, which will allow for faster transfer and shortening the waiting time for a loan. Otherwise, we will have to wait longer, even several days (until posting the transfer on the company’s account).

IMPORTANT !! Often customers, to speed up the process of obtaining cash, choose instant transfer options, which is implemented by an external company (eg BlueCash). This is a frequent mistake !! Some loan companies require that such a transfer be made for a higher amount (eg instead of PLN 1 – PLN 1), and for some, a quick transfer may even be rejected. This is an additional argument for reading the regulations carefully. It’s much better to choose the right bank account or wait longer.

After making the transfer, the banks also ask us for telephone verification. Most often, loan companies send us an SMS with a code, which should be entered in the appropriate field. This is usually the last stage of data verification, which is synonymous with the conclusion of a loan agreement, therefore it is necessary to enter the current telephone number in the form. Sometimes telephone verification may take place by talking to a consultant, however, it is a less popular method.

A new feature on the loan market is verification of the location, which so far is only used by one loan company (Kredito24). It involves downloading information about our current location by the system and comparing it with the data provided on the form. Therefore, it is recommended to complete the application at the place of residence.

Conclusion of a loan agreement and receipt of money

After successfully passing the assessment of creditworthiness and verification of our data, we receive a loan agreement. What should you do to get the money? It depends. Most loan companies send money properly immediately after completing the data verification process, and the money on our account is within 10 minutes. Concluding a contract in such a case is tantamount to consenting to verification, transfer or sending an SMS code. The text of the contract and other loan information are provided by e-mail.

Otherwise, loan companies require additionally a signature on the contract – either electronic or traditional. The first one may be required when we have received the contract by email. If a non-bank company requires us to sign a traditional one, we will send you 2 copies of the contract we sign. Then we send back one copy of the signed document.

What happens if the contract is not sent back by us? In most cases, the traditional contract is only additional security, and it is issued primarily for our use. In this case, not submitting the contract does not result in the breaking of the contract, at most we may have problems with making another loan from the same lender. However, there is an exception to the rule – sometimes loan companies require us to make a commitment to send back the contract when submitting the application. Then actually contracting by us may result in its breaking.

Awarding a payday – comparison of banks

Awarding a payday - comparison of banks

To make it easier to understand the different ways of granting loans and the differences between them, I recommend reading the comparison of offers in terms of procedures for giving a payday:

Loan without leaving your home – no problem!

As you can deduce, taking out cash without leaving your home is not difficult. Of course, for people who are less familiar with new technologies, this method may seem unattainable or risky – then there is still an option to visit the company’s outlet in person. However, it is worth to dare and try – just read the general rules governing the granting of loans in the company we are interested in and a bit of self-denial. And the prize is fast cash, which we will receive directly to our account.

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Are You Applying For A Small Business Loan? A Good Credit Score Will Be Useful Sun, 12 May 2019 02:15:04 +0000    Starting a business may require a significant amount of money to cover start-up costs,…

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 Starting a business may require a significant amount of money to cover start-up costs, such as equipment purchases or operating costs. If you do not have all the money you need, you may need to apply for a small business loan or find an investor. Since your business does not have a credit history yet, lenders and investors could review your personal credit rating to determine if you represent a good risk.

Your personal credit rating demonstrates how you have managed your current and past borrowings and payments and can be an indicator of your ability to make future repayments. A credit rating is an overview of your financial history that demonstrates:

  • your reliability in credit management;
  • if you pay your bills on time or if you fail to make payments;
  • if you have already gone bankrupt (this information is kept in your file for six to seven years);
  • which companies have consulted your credit history and how often (frequent credit applications over a short period of time can be indicative of financial difficulties).

A bad credit history or no credit history could result in the rejection of your loan application or the imposition of higher interest rates.

To improve your credit rating, you could:

  • check your credit to make sure your profile is accurate and free of errors. Contact one of the two major credit reporting agencies to request credit information;
  • make regular payments and pay your bills on time;
  • pay at least the minimum balance of your credit cards;
  • consolidate your debts;
  • keep your credit card balance at less than 50% of the credit limit.


Keep in mind that your credit rating may change if your financial situation changes or if you improve your repayment habits. The Financial Consumer Agency of Canada offers a useful guide to help you better understand your credit report and credit score.

To facilitate access to financing for your small business, be sure to get your finances in order. Thus, you will make a good impression with investors and potential lenders!


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Car Loan Guide – How to make a cheap car loan? Fri, 26 Apr 2019 04:48:52 +0000   Everything should not be about the loan type consumer loan here on the blog,…

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Everything should not be about the loan type consumer loan here on the blog, so in this article focus is on the car loan. Get good advice on how to find a good and cheap solution in our guide.

It may be a good idea to take a car loan if you stand and need it. It can be a complicated loan process and therefore it is a really good idea to get really well into the things before you jump into it.

This article helps you take a cheap car loan and gives you information about what it actually costs.

What does it cost?

What does it cost?

There are always fees, interest and costs associated with raising financing. There are many different places you can choose to take a car loan and online you can find the provider that is right for you. It is important to find a car loan where the costs are as low as possible.

First and foremost, it is a good idea to keep an eye on the documents, which accounts for annual costs in percent . Providers and banks must state documents, and therefore it will be easy for you to find out where documents is cheapest. Also, keep an eye on how high the fees and interest are on the loan.

How to get a cheap car loan

How to get a cheap car loan

It varies how much the cost is in relation to the loan, depending on your own situation. For example, if you can repay the money on a very short loan period, it is the cheapest option. At the same time it is cheaper the lower the amount of money you need. Therefore, it is a good idea, in addition to comparing the various providers and finding the cheapest loan, to only apply for the amount you really need.


Fixed charges on the car loan

car loan

For some loan types, there is no need to provide security. If you choose a car loan where necessary, there are some fees that are always fixed and necessary to pay. It includes:

  • 1.5% stamp duty on loan amount
  • NOK 600 in fee to the insurance company
  • NOK 400 in tax (registration)

In addition, there is a creation fee for the foundation. It is also part of the documents and is therefore not something that you have to include in addition to the annual costs when you compare the different offers with each other.

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Simulate Mortgage Loan Mon, 15 Apr 2019 05:24:36 +0000   As we foresee in our last article on Simulate Credit Housing , today we…

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As we foresee in our last article on Simulate Credit Housing , today we will devote a little of our time to observing the European Data Sheet on Housing Credit and due to the importance of such document this article will be divided into four parts so that the your reading does not become tiresome.

Mortgage loan

What is the European Standardized Information Sheet?

The European Standardized Information on Housing Credit Report (FEINCH) is, in my opinion, the most important document for analysis and decision making on which bank to choose to buy home.

I believe that it is the only document with transparent and complete information before writing. In this document it is possible to find detailed information on the housing credit product that appears in the simulation, the conditions of the spread attribution, the consequences in case of non-compliance with the conditions, the necessary insurance and other conditioned products, among others.

In it we can count on detailed information on various points of interest and in each one of them we will have a vision of what our contract will be in case of acceptance of the proposed conditions. Let’s see:

  • Preliminary Observations – identifies the binding nature of the simulation;
  • Lender – Identifies the bank;
  • Product Description – small summary of the proposed product;
  • Nominal Rate – identifies the interest rate, respective index and spread, as well as bonuses and other conditions;
  • TAE and TAER – Identifies and clarifies the determination of these indicators;
  • Amount – the value of the loan;
  • Duration – term of the loan;
  • Number and Periodicity of Benefits ;
  • Amount of each Benefit ;
  • Additional Costs – identify any recurring and non-recurring costs;
  • Early repayment – conditions for early repayment.

As you can see we have an extensive analysis document with information of value for decision making when comparing housing loan proposals.

simulate mortgage loan

Preliminary Observations

In this first field we identify that the bank declines any obligation to comply with the proposed in the simulation, since it considers that the information and conditions that led to the determination of the same may undergo changes at the time of validation.

With Good Faith the parties involved intend to comply with the proposal in the simulation, insofar as the client can and intends to prove the veracity of the elements provided and the bank intends to respect the proposal made to the client, however, there is a fundamental element that will influence the conditions proposed by the bank which is the value of the simulation.

Most banks determine the value of the spread based on the financing / guarantee ratio. In our case, the base spread was determined from the principle that the property in question will have a value of 120,000 euros.

In banks where the value of the indicative assessment on which the proposal is submitted is not verified and the value of the actual assessment is lower, they adjust the conditions of the proposal to the new financing / guarantee ratio. However, I know of a few banks that favor the client whenever the value of the evaluation is higher than indicated in the proposal.

Lender and Product Description

Lender and Product Description

These fields identify the bank and provide a short summary of the credit product allowing a description of the type of product, which in our case is a product consisting of a fixed rate period and a variable rate period for general scheme of housing credit that intend to protect themselves from market oscillations in the first 5 years.

It also identifies the guarantee that the product requires and the conditions of the same ( mortgage free of charges or charges ), as well as the possibility of the client request capital shortage for a period of 5 years.

Regarding the existence of a fixed rate period and a variable rate period I advise reading the articles on Fixed Rate or Variable in Housing Credit that although interest rates are not updated the concept that you want to convey is timeless and will allow you to draw some conclusions about this dilemma.

  • Fixed or Variable Rate on Housing Credit – Part I
  • Fixed or Variable Rate on Housing Credit – Part II
  • Fixed or Variable Rate on Housing Credit – Part III

Regarding the guarantee and the period of capital shortage that may reach 5 years, we can conclude that, the main guarantee of the credit is the mortgage of the property, however, the bank may require reinforcement of collateral whenever the risk of the operation requires it .

On this item, immense are the factors that can lead to the change of the risk and consequently demand reinforcement of guarantee, however, we can identify some:

  • Effectiveness of borrowers ( worth what it’s worth !!! );
  • Property valuation lower than expected;
  • Credit responsibilities throughout the financial system;
  • Possible overdraft times in the current account statement;
  • Delays in payment of liabilities;
  • Among others…

With regard to the capital shortage, the alert for the increase in the cost of credit that this provides.

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How to Prepare a Compelling Business Loan Application Thu, 21 Mar 2019 02:14:12 +0000    This blog is brought to you by the Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC),…

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 This blog is brought to you by the Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC), which provides financing, subordinate financing, venture capital and consulting services to more than 30,000 small and medium-sized Canadian businesses.

Bankers are business people too. They are always looking for new customers and would only have to go out of business if they did not sell their product – money.

However, they must make sure not to lend to anyone. Granting a loan involves risks. That’s why bankers will carefully evaluate your repayment ability.

As an entrepreneur, you need to understand this concern and consider it if you want to make a strong and compelling loan application.

What a banker wants to know

To increase your chances of getting a commercial loan, you need to know what a banker is looking for, what he will evaluate, and what you can do to help him say yes, even if it’s the first time. once you apply for funding.

In its risk assessment, a bank will not only analyze your ability to complete a project and repay the loan. Your banker will also review the project itself and ask you questions about your financial projections, guarantees, business plan, personal financial situation, and necessary audits of your project.

To increase your chances of getting a loan, the Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC) recently released a free digital book titled How to Get a Business Loan: A Guide to Preparing for a Compelling Loan Application .

Roadmap to get a business loan

It would be very useful for you to make it easier for the banker to lend you money. This guide gives you detailed advice on how to apply for and, hopefully, get the business loan you need to finance the growth and success of your business.


  • the six factors that your banker will consider in assessing your claim;
  • the factors to consider in addition to the interest rate;
  • three common mistakes entrepreneurs make when they borrow money;
  • the questions you should ask bankers when shopping for a loan;
  • the types of guarantee and how to determine the one that suits you;
  • six ways to strengthen your credibility.

Download your free copy of the digital book How to get a commercial loan: a guide to preparing a convincing loan application .

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Payday Loan – Investment Portfolio Mon, 25 Feb 2019 05:55:51 +0000   In recent months I have been updating my investment portfolio , the only payday…

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In recent months I have been updating my investment portfolio , the only payday loan platform for companies in Portugal. In this article I will update the performance of the portfolio and leave some notes that I consider important.


Current Portfolio Status

Current Portfolio Status

My portfolio is currently comprised of 153 loans, with an average loan amount of € 28 and an average rate of 7.3%. I have four loans in arrears that make a total of roughly 2% of the portfolio. I’ve had less defaults and I’ve had more. I was annoyed that one of the loans failed at the end of 1 month and the risk rating is even good (B +). I do not understand what’s going on. In fact, the lack of information from defaulting companies is something that does not make much sense to me, especially if we are talking about business loans. We should be more informed.

Evolution of investments


As someone who invests , we need to have the tracker enabled. If we do not activate this feature we are sure that we will not be able to have loans in our portfolio. This is because there are many investors and the number of companies wanting to borrow money on this platform is reduced. Some ideas about this:

  • We ended up buying loans without analyzing the company and its ratios.
  • We need to rely on analytical capabilities, but we must be aware that the business model of this company is to earn a commission on each loan. Therefore, there is a potential conflict of interest here, especially at a time when the company wants to go public.
  • We must also be aware of the reason why companies seek loans in this way, and pay a higher interest rate than the one practiced in banking. We speak here of the speed but also of analysis criteria that may be different.

Evolution of my rate of return

Evolution of my rate of return

The rate of return in my last analysis was 7.2% and increased slightly as I sold some loans with lower interest rates. Otherwise, it was on the same level as it is still reasonable. But I am also aware that there is risk. That is, if you consider the loans in arrears the low rate a bit and if defaults increase I think it will be difficult to justify the risk / return relationship.

A note that I also consider important relates to the current state of the market. That is, in an economic situation like the current these loans and this rate can be interesting . However, it seems to me that when the economy “goes around”, default rates are expected to increase and so my return goes “to the bar”. In addition, when the bank closes the tap, I fear that companies that resort to these platforms will be less interesting (and I doubt many companies will survive with 10% interest rates). So, I do not think it will increase the involvement, at least until you have more visibility on this platform. I have preferred to invest in Twinnie – here is my investment strategy with Twinnie.

Other investment ideas? See the Twinnie, ViaInvest and Mintty platforms where you can get returns between 8% and 12%

A note about the references

I have put our affiliate link in this article. Being affiliated means that whoever invests with our code ends up generating a commission for our investor account. It could not do so, as the commission is residual. But I leave this note for the sake of transparency and to know that I do not present these investment ideas as a matter of commission. Incidentally, I also follow the portal Valuables that recommended 2 years ago and in 118 references received € 112 commission. Anyway …

One last note about customer service

One last note about customer service

There were days I opened an  account for a friend and I had to contact the phone line because the payment had not been credited (because of me because I had sent an email that did not match the email of the proof). Unfortunately I was only served by an automatic call and the only alternative was to send an email. I believe that now only the trustworthiness of the investor is lacking.

Declaration of intentions

It is important to make it clear that I like and that I am happy with my investment in this platform . What I am writing here is not an investment recommendation and what I am referring here is only about my specific case. This investment involves risk and can lose all your money, so you should do a careful analysis.

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