Car Loan Guide – How to make a cheap car loan?


Everything should not be about the loan type consumer loan here on the blog, so in this article focus is on the car loan. Get good advice on how to find a good and cheap solution in our guide.

It may be a good idea to take a car loan if you stand and need it. It can be a complicated loan process and therefore it is a really good idea to get really well into the things before you jump into it.

This article helps you take a cheap car loan and gives you information about what it actually costs.

What does it cost?

What does it cost?

There are always fees, interest and costs associated with raising financing. There are many different places you can choose to take a car loan and online you can find the provider that is right for you. It is important to find a car loan where the costs are as low as possible.

First and foremost, it is a good idea to keep an eye on the documents, which accounts for annual costs in percent . Providers and banks must state documents, and therefore it will be easy for you to find out where documents is cheapest. Also, keep an eye on how high the fees and interest are on the loan.

How to get a cheap car loan

How to get a cheap car loan

It varies how much the cost is in relation to the loan, depending on your own situation. For example, if you can repay the money on a very short loan period, it is the cheapest option. At the same time it is cheaper the lower the amount of money you need. Therefore, it is a good idea, in addition to comparing the various providers and finding the cheapest loan, to only apply for the amount you really need.


Fixed charges on the car loan

car loan

For some loan types, there is no need to provide security. If you choose a car loan where necessary, there are some fees that are always fixed and necessary to pay. It includes:

  • 1.5% stamp duty on loan amount
  • NOK 600 in fee to the insurance company
  • NOK 400 in tax (registration)

In addition, there is a creation fee for the foundation. It is also part of the documents and is therefore not something that you have to include in addition to the annual costs when you compare the different offers with each other.

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